Advice on Yoga practice


Loose clothing suitable for exercise i.e Tee shirts, shorts, leggings etc


We practice in bare feet so we use a yoga mat or exercise mat. Yoga mats are preferable as they are non slip. Different types are available. Please ask the teacher for advice before buying. I can offer a discount from a yoga supplier.

If you are a new attendee I have some spare mats available before you decide to buy.

Please bring a blanket for support during various poses and for relaxation.

Blocks and a yoga belt. I have a number of spares available. Regular attendees eventually purchase their own for home practice.

Once you have decided Yoga is for you the following set of equipment is suggested but not essential

  • Yoga Mat
  • Cotton Blanket
  • Cotton Yoga Belt
  • 4 Standard Blocks
  • 4 Half Blocks

All the above can be found from various Yoga Suppliers, I recommend Yoga ( If you attend classes then I can provide discounts  off the web site prices.


Practice on an empty stomach
Best time to practice is early morning or later evening
Breath through your nostrils and not your mouth
Avoid Asanas (postures) during the menstrual period)
After Asanas always lie down in Savasana (relaxation)


Practice on a full stomach
Practice asanas after being in the hot sun for several hours
Practice on a bare or uneven floor
Hold your breath whilst practising
Practice yoga after three months of pregnancy unless you have been practising Yoga for a few years.