About me

I qualified as a yoga teacher in 1999. I trained for two years as an Iyengar yoga teacher studying the Asanas as set out in Light on Yoga by Mr B K S Iyengar.

I am now an independant teacher but follow the principles of the teachings of Iyengar Yoga.

The class on Mondays has been running for nearly 13 years.
We have a range of ages from twenty to seventy. There is no age limit young or old. However please ask the teacher if you have a medical problem. See Home page for more information.

The aim of the class is to learn the yoga poses, you don’t have to be super flexible to do Yoga.

We also have a laugh whilst practicing, and everyone enjoys the relaxation part at the end of every class.

Classes cost £36.00 per 6 week term.
First lesson is free for new attendees.
For new attendees if you start part way through a term then the cost will be £6.00 per remaining week after your first free lesson.
Eg Join week 2. cost would be £24.00 until end of term.

Yoga certificate